The human digestive system is a result of many thousands of years of evolution. Digestive systems throughout the world are designed for fresh hard foods that are rich in fibre and nutrients, low in calories with the occasional feast on meat and fish.

Humans are designed to eat raw foods, however the reality is that most of us cook our food and eat a few "naughty" foods.




                            The Colon

The colon is approxinately 5- 6 feet in length and forms the lower section of the digestive system. The colon is also known as the bowel or large intestine. The average colon can hold between 2  - 15lb of faecal waste at any one time. The average transit time from eating to passing the food as waste is between 16 - 24 hours, however the UK is one of the most constipated nations in the world.


Our digestive system and in particular the colon is not designed for modern day living. Many people believe that we do not and should not need to have colonic irrigation. Our response to that would be - If we had remained with a natural diet, eating raw foods and drinking water, we would not have over loaded our colons. Now ask yourself, " have you really looked after your diet all your life?" If not, then it is time to clean the colon and begin a fresh!

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