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Make Your Skin Glow

We live in stressful times; hectic work and home lives and often little time for ourselves. sometimes we make poor food choices and lack essential nutrients in our diets leaving us feeling tired and depleted.

Get your monthly Dose of the following Vitamins at the clinic from £30 per injection and you too can feel energised!

Which vitamins are for you?

Vitamin D3
Vitamins D is needed to maintain strong bones, helping the body absorb calcium. There is also evidence that Vitamin D may reduce many types of cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, as well as, protecting older adults from osteoporosis and the onset of dementia.

Vit D3 deficeincy has also been linked to gut health and IBS.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps make DNA and keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy, whilst, also helping prevent a type of anaemia that makes people tired and weak. Many celebrities already openly admit to have regular vitamin injections to prevent them from becoming run-down and tired.
Vitamin B Complex

Keeps our bodies running efficiently. These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel allowing us to stay energised throughout the day. Helps maintain healthy skin, hair and weight.


Know your blood levels?

Some GP's will take bloods to ensure your vitamin levels are within therapuetic ranges, if this is not possible we can take your blood and send it to the laboratory to ensure you are within safe levels. Costs start from £39.


Combination injections available.


Vitamin injections can be weekly, monthly or quarterly depending your requirements.



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