Smart Diode laser hair removal


Tired of continually removing hair with tradition methods? It is estimated that 75% of women would like to remove areas of hair growth permanently. Using the latest technology SmartDiode removes unwanted hair superfast, safely and quickly. The laser has “slide & glide” delivery system for rapid treatments. With a cooled head the treatment is pain free.


How it works


The light emitted during the flash is absorbed by the melanin - the pigment responsible for the colour of your hair. This light is then converted to thermal energy that destroys the hair by cauterising the vessels which nourish the follicle. Throughout the sessions, the treatment prevents any hair re-growth. Not suitable for blonde, red or grey hair.


A patch test is required 48 hours before commencement of treatment. Not suitable for epileptics.

Pre & post information will be given at your free patch test consultation. 


A course of treatments will be required.

Suitable for men, women and transgender. For all body areas.




Buy a course of 6 treatments and pay for 5. Payment in advance.


upper lip                      £25

chin                             £25

lip & chin                     £40

Full face                       £55

Under arm                   £60

Half arm / full              £60 / 85

Full leg                        £95

half leg                        £60

Bikini                           £40

Brazilian                      £55

Hollywood                   £65

Fingers or toes            £25

Full chest                    £100

Full back                     £100

Male intimate              £100

other areas on request

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