If you are struggling with weight loss, feel like you have tried every diet and exercise plan or slimming club, but can’t reach and maintain your weight loss goals, then our medically supervised weight loss programme, in conjunction with diet and exercise advice, is here to help.

Mechanism of action 
• Your body naturally produces an appetite 
hormone known as glucagon-like-peptide 
(GLP-1) that is released in response to food 
• The pen is similar to GLP-1 and works by 
regulating your appetite, which can lead to 
eating fewer calories and losing weight
• The pen increases feelings of satiety (fullness) and decreases hunger


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Health benefits to losing weight


• Cuts your chances of cancer

• Reduces risk of heart disease

• Prevents Type 2 diabetes

• Eases high blood pressure

• Lifts your mood

• Relieves pressure from your joints 




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